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Karen E. McCormick
Certified Family Court Mediator

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As a divorce mediator, I can facilitate the process of resolving your  Family Court case by helping you learn to communicate, and encouraging  you to come up with new ways of looking at the challenges you face and  perhaps arrive at unique solutions to some or all of your challenges.   Through the family court mediation process, you decide how your case  will be resolved, and don't leave important decisions up to attorneys  and judges.  You may mediate at any point in the process, the earlier  the better for you!  Some clients even mediate before they separate! 

My 30 years as a divorce attorney give me the experience you need to  help you resolve the issues you face when your marriage is ending, or  when changes become necessary after an Order is issued.  Having been a  litigator, I know the pitfalls faced by many couples, and can often help  you resolve them.  Tremendous costs are involved in family court  litigation, both financial and emotional, and mediation is almost always  a better solution than litigation.  I have successfully mediated  hundreds of cases, both as an attorney and as a mediator, and am excited  to put my experience to work for you. 

 Give my office a call today to discuss the advantages of mediation, or to schedule your case for mediation! 

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