What is Mediation

Family Court Mediation is a confidential process in which the  parties meet with a Certified Family Court Mediator in attempt to  resolve issues arising in your divorce case rather than have the issues  decided by a judge.  Through the mediation process, you get to make the  decisions about your family court case and your future.  Neither party  waives any rights by participating in the process.  The process can  begin any time after you decide that your marriage cannot continue, even  before anyone moves out. 

You, the parties, along with your attorneys if you have them, come  to one or more mediation sessions in attempt to resolve your issues with  the help of a trained mediator.  Your case can be ended as soon as you  are ready, rather than have your life put on hold for months or even  years while your case is litigated.  You, who know your case better than  anyone, get to decide your future, rather than having a Family Court  judge, who cannot possibly know your life as well as you do, decide your  future and even your children's futures. 

The process is completely confidential.  If you are unable to sette,  neither party can later subpoena the mediator into court to testify  about what happened during mediation.  This leaves you free to come up  with creative solutions in attempt to resolve your issues. 


avoid the emotional cost of litigation
get your case ended quickly 
you make the decisions
save thousands in attorney fees